RYONA BUDOKAI Spopovich!!!!

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RYONA BUDOKAI ~ Videl x Spopovich ~

♦️ Synopsis ♦️

☆ Confident just girl is defeated!
If you love Ryona because of Vi○el vs. S○opovich, this comic won’t disappoint you!
On the basis of the original work, he beat the abdomen and face more strongly,
vomited blood and mistreated the virgin in public with a huge root, destroying the girl’s confidence bit by bit until despair!

☆ Brief introduction:
This is the story of a dragon ball in a parallel universe, and the main character group and Cell died together.
Beadilly, a righteous girl, takes aim at her hero father and joins the first martial order in the world to fight S○opovich, who is controlled by the wizard Ba○idi.
Unsurprisingly, Videl was brutally abused during the match.
That’s when Spopovich’s buddy Ya○u stopped the game again!
Unlike before, Ya○u joined the fight with Senzu Beans!!
What’s in store for Vi○el?
Please wait and see!

CG full color 54 page !!

【DLsite】Click here for details

【DLsite】Click here for details